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September 29, 2020: Ogre Low Stock Alert!!!

Ogre players, we're starting to run low on three different titles that are not slated for a reprint in 2021. If you've been thinking "I'll pick that up later," we're approaching a time when Warehouse 23 will be completely out-of-stock and you'll be forced into paying whatever after-market prices others sellers choose to charge for these items.

The three Ogre titles in question are:

Unless something dramatic and unexpected happens, these are unlikely to be reprinted in 2021. (We're not quite ready to start looking at our 2022 schedule.)

If you want to add these to your Ogre collection, Warehouse 23 has all three available as of this posting. How long they remain in-stock is entirely dependent on how many Ogre fans see this post and say: "I should grab that today!"

-- Phil Reed

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