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September 19, 2016: Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Be ye ready fer a full day 'o sailin' th' jolly roger 'n findin' buried treasure? We be, cause 'tis Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Follow us, 'n share a pirate-y picture on TwittArrr, Facebook, or Instarrr-gram wit' th' hashtag #MunchkinBooty fer a chance to win a copy of Munchkin Booty, alon' wit' some privateerin' promos! Dress like a scurvy pirate, or maybe share a drawin' that would make Blackbeard proud. Whatever ye want to share, make sure ye use that hashtag 'n follow us on social media to enter. We'll choose one sailor at random at th' end 'o th' day to take home th' loot! Winner will be announced Tuesday, September 20. 

Look for Munchkin Booty at yer friendly local game store, and check out Warehouse 23 if you don't have a store near you. Fer even more pirate-y goodness, there also be Munchkin Booty 2-Jump the Shark and Munchkin Booty: Fish & Ships.

Have a ruckas! And most importantly - talk like a pirate!

-- Captain Hunter Shelburne

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