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April 1, 2009: New Office!

Thomas and Russ in their new office

No, not a new building, but a new office within our building (which still could be considered "new," given the length of time we were at the Metcalfe location . . . ok, I'll stop now). Our break room was much too large -- large enough, in fact, for a break room and an office.

Thomas and Russ were the lucky winners of the "who gets the new spot" lottery. They're both IT types, so it made a certain amount of sense. Plus, the extra blank walls were filled nicely with whiteboard, so Thomas can think with his hands all the better. And yes, they do grin deviously like that most of the time. Sure it's worrying, but they're IT . . . what can you do?

The construction took place during the mess in the warehouse, so we of course took many pictures. A wall was added, a hole knocked into a wall for a door, and the entire project was finished in about 4 days. Quick and easy!

-- Paul Chapman

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