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April 7, 2009: "Are We There Yet?"

The thing about traveling is that there's a (not unreasonable) assumption that eventually you're going to end up somewhere. Maybe you're going to run out of supplies, maybe you've got passengers or cargo to drop off, maybe you've just been listening to Bart talk about his kids non-stop for the last four days and you don't really want this working relationship to end with a gunshot. Whatever the reason, all journeys must end eventually.

You can't just stop the ship, pull the parking brake, and hop out just any-old-where, though! (For one thing, there's nothing but hard vacuum outside.) You need a spaceport. By extension, that means you need GURPS Classic: Traveller: Starports. It's the "hustle" to GURPS Classic: Traveller: Starships' "bustle." From shady hives of scum and villainy to massive hubs of interstellar commerce, this book is just what the navigator ordered.

Feel free to make it what you ordered, too.

-- Fox Barrett

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