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April 13, 2009: Space . . .

. . . the final place to resolve our differences with violence. These are the Spaceships books written by David Pulver. Their mission: to expand on rules presented GURPS Space. To seek out new designs, and new ways to run space games. To boldly make more money that any of you could possibly imagine.

Wait. Scratch that last bit. Um, you didn't see that. Fnord and stuff.

Hey, folks, it's time for another chunk of spacey goodness from the most Pulvery of authors we have. This time around we've got GURPS Spaceships 3: Warships and Space Pirates. From the title, you can probably guess what's inside. If you've read the first two, of course, you don't need to guess. You already know that nothing but Awesome awaits you within. Then again, if you've really read the first two, you aren't still reading this stuff. You've clicked through the link and have bought the book. Those of you who are still here . . . hey, you're getting left behind! Go see what you're missing!

-- Fox Barrett

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