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April 30, 2009: The Stars Are (Almost) Right

The Stars Are Right Cover

The Stars Are Right is the little Cthulhu-themed puzzle game Phil and SJ picked up at Essen last year. One batch of translations, a few graphical tweaks, and an approval later, the game's almost ready to go to the printer.

(As an aside, we didn't change the art at all. Goomi rocks, and he knows his Mythos magic. No reason to change what already works most excellently.)

And by "almost," I mean "they're dealing with the last checklist issue right now." When most of you read this, the printer will already be working on the proof.

(As a second aside, Phil just poked his head into my office with a prototype of a plush we'll be announcing in May. You'll like it.)

If you didn't see TSAR at BoardGameGeek last year, or at the GAMA Trade Show earlier this month, don't fear. We'll be showing it off at Origins and GenCon, and pretty much anywhere else we'll be this summer.

The Stars Are Right will be a July release.

-- Paul Chapman

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