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April 1, 2010: Munchkin Ogre Coming in August

Munchkin Ogre prototype As part of the 30th anniversary celebration here at SJ Games, we're combining Steve's very first game design, Ogre, with the hottest new kid on the block, Munchkin. The result is creatively named Munchkin Ogre. (What, you thought the picture was a joke?)

Play a Paneuropean or Combine soldier. Equip yourself with a Battlesuit, a GEV, even an Ogre and then take it all down into the dungeon to kill monsters and take their stuff.

This will be the first Munchkin set with miniatures rules included! Compatible with all major SF figure lines, although of course we recommend using official Ogre miniatures.

Munchkin Ogre is scheduled for an August release.

-- Andrew Hackard

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