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April 16, 2010: Spring Cleaning!

My mom always did a solid house cleaning once the snow had (mostly) fled the yard. But that was northern Michigan, and here in Austin, "snow" is more commonly attached to "cone" than "in the yard."

(Of course, in the digital world, the lack of seasons is even more apparent, but that didn't stop Lifehacker from offering their tips for spring cleaning your life.)

Regardless of the temperature and accompanying frozen water flakes, Warehouse 23 has decided to move some formerly stationary games. To do this, we've knocked 10% off the MSRP of a broad range of publishers, from Toy Vault to Alderac Entertainment Group, from the Cthulhu Pillow to the Order of the Stick boardgame.

Take this opportunity to grab some plush germs, some Cthulhu fun (in RPG and huggable formats), or some shirts, all at 10% off!

-- Paul Chapman

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