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April 26, 2010: Should Have Sent A Poet

Pyramid #3/18: Space Exploration Sorry, no poetry this week. No, what I've got this time is Pyramid #3/18: Space Exploration, and as Jodie Foster proved, you need a professional when it comes to describing space. But what I lack in meter and rhyme I more than make up for in . . . um, whatever is in this month's issue! Allow me a moment to crack it open and see what that might be.

Well, it looks like we've got an alternate history setting that's all about exploring our own little solar system. Here are some system-neutral encounters of the space kind that are decidedly unkind. Oh, and there's an article about life on a comet!

All of that pales in comparison, however, to the Doctor Who and Babylon 5 pull quotes we have on pages 25 and 26, respectively. Man, if that won't move this book, I don't know what will! I mean, sheesh, who doesn't love Babylon 5, am I right?

-- Fox Barrett

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