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April 27, 2010: Penny Arcade: The Series

We love Penny Arcade. Between bouts of silliness and obscenities, they are deeply passionate about gaming. Surprising, perhaps, to those who look no deeper than "it's a webcomic," but to regular readers, or attendees of PAX, or recipients of their generosity via Child's Play, these guys have the depth that elevates common jokes about bodily functions to social commentary.

Which is why we were so pleased when the big brains behind the strip -- Mike and Jerry -- sat down with Zombie Dice. Good games for good people, I always say. And luckily for all, the Penny Arcade TV crew was there to capture the fun.

(Yes, they have a reality show. Watch all the episodes here.)

Oh, and remember those jokes about bodily functions? The episode in question contains more than a few of them. Therefore: Warning! The video in question is not safe for work due to discussions of bestiality and the electoral process.

But watch it anyway.

-- Paul Chapman

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