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April 7, 2010: Goin' Back To Dallas

The Dallas Games Marathon, that is.

Phil discovered this group a couple years back, and we've been attending occasionally ever since. The event is small and focused on the same "open gaming" format BoardGameGeekCon uses -- and you know how much we enjoy that!

This time, we'll be taking Cthulhu Dice, Zombie Dice, and the prototype of the Revolution! 5-6 player expansion. Of course, if anyone wants to play Munchkin, Nanuk, Frag, or any of our other games, we'll be happy to oblige. (But I'm hoping to get some time with Pitch Car or Pandemic, as well.)

If you're in the area next weekend (April 16th through the 18th), maybe we'll see you there!

-- Paul Chapman

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