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April 1, 2021: Introducing Illuminati: New World Odor

For years Steve Jackson Games has been known for – well, for games. From cards to boards, dice to books, we've created a lasting legacy. Now it's time to take that experience into the realm of scents. Introducing our first fragrance - Illuminati: New World Odor

New World Odor

Power. Subterfuge. Conspiracy. What does it smell like? We've tried to distill that into this instant classic. A musky scent infused with that same legacy we've bult for over 30 years. Does that mean we crushed up dice, cards, pretzels, and beer to make a fragrance? It may. Does it still smell good? Perhaps. You ask too many questions.

Make your own history with Illuminati: New World Odor, available soon on Warehouse 23 and at local mall perfume stands that won't let you walk past without spraying you in the face. 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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