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April 24, 2021: Follow Illuminati Confirmed On Kickstarter!


Coming soon to Kickstarter! Have you always wanted to play Illuminati as a video game? RadioFree.Net is returning to Kickstarter with Illuminati Confirmed, a digital implementation of the classic Illuminati: New World Order card game with upgrades and improvements spearheaded by Derek Pearcy. Taking everything he learned from his first Kickstarter campaign, Derek has completely restructured the Illuminati Confirmed project and is so close to launch that there's very little time to click the green "notify me" button on this page to receive email notification when the project launches!

"Illuminati Confirmed is a game of secret conspiracies, power systems, and a struggling resistance, under license from Austin's legendary Steve Jackson Games. Newcomers and existing fans will love this updated twist on a classic, with incredible new artwork."

Follow Illuminati Confirmed on Kickstarter today!

-- Phil Reed

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