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April 22, 2021: Announcing The Munchkin Tutorial From Dized!

What is the number one thing that slows down game night? (Aside from late pizza delivery.) That's right, rules! Reading through them, passing them around the table, making sure everyone understands how to play the game, explaining them for the tenth time, Gerald . . .


Now, thanks to the folks at Playmore Games, you can jump-start your Munchkin game by turning all of the explanations over to Dized, the "ultimate companion app." Follow this link to the Munchkin tutorial, press start, and get ready to play. The tutorial will walk all of the players through game setup and every step to get through the first two rounds. Need a little more help? You can keep it going for as many rounds as you like until someone reaches Level 10. At that point, we assume you know how to rub your friends' faces in your victory.
For your desktop or laptop, Google Chrome is the recommended browser for use with the Dized site. You can also download the Dized app on your mobile devices for gaming guidance on the go. There is no cost to access the Munchkin tutorial or any other Dized offerings, so what are you waiting for?
For more about the gaming tutorials on Dized, check out these Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds. 

-- Alain Dawson

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