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April 12, 2021: FnordCon 3 Sale Ending Today

We had a blast this weekend at our online convention, FnordCon 3 Virtual! So many games played, plus lots of new sneak peeks and fun panels with our special guests. But the fun isn't over just yet! You can still get in on our Warehouse 23 FnordCon sale, which will run until 11:59 CDT tonight. Tons of free swag and discounts are available while supplies last, and until the sale ends tonight, so get your orders in soon! 
A quick taste of what you'll find:
  • Bundles and bundles of RPG goodies.
  • Discounts from 13% to 50% on great tabletop games.
  • Swag. So much swag. Goodies starting at the $25 purchase price point, and then even more goodies.
  • Free Munchkin cards, free Munchkin bookmarks, and very likely some of our coveted ribbons (while supplies last)!
Even if you missed FnordCon, you can still take home some great deals from Warehouse 23!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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