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April 8, 2009: Thinking Good Thoughts At Two Industry Veterans

Over the weekend, the blogosphere spread the word that both Aaron Allston and Dave Arneson have recently been hospitalized -- Aaron for a quadruple bypass following a heart attack, and Dave for complications arising from cancer. Dave, of course, is a founder of our hobby, as co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons. His Blackmoor setting remains an active campaign world, the most recent version having been published by Zeitgeist Games.

Aaron Allston is best known for his Star Wars novels, including the just-released Fate of the Jedi: Outcast. Around this office, of course, Aaron's remembered as the lunatic genius who - along with Scott Haring - blended Car Wars and Champions into Autoduel Champions. There's a new LJ page with details of what happened and regular updates on his condition. In particular, see the info on how you can donate blood in Aaron's name. It will help.

Get better, guys!

-- Paul Chapman

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