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March 27, 2012: Stakeholder Report Feedback

We got a number of comments on the Stakeholders' Report. So: responses!

• We want more detail about GURPS!

Read the weekly status reports that Kromm posts on his LJ here. He goes into a lot of detail. He also wrote a couple of year-end reports in 2011, which appeared in the Daily Illuminator.

• Aren't you worried about depending so much on Munchkin?

We've been getting this question for years. Short answer: no. Everything has a life cycle, but the curve for Munchkin is still rising. The big mistake would be to fail to support our big hit.

• Well, what will you do if Munchkin ever loses popularity?

Invent something else. We have lots of projects under way. Remember that over our 30-year history, Munchkin was our fourth mega-hit, following Car Wars, GURPS, and INWO. Plus solid evergreens like Illuminati and popular new abominations like Zombie Dice and Cthulhu Dice. Okay, I'm bragging now, so I'll shut up.

• Printed books are dead! No, they're not! Yes, they are! No, they're not! Yes, they are!

There is nothing I can add to that.

• What does Steve do with all that money?

Ah, if it were only that exciting! I pay taxes. I eat. I pay salaries and more taxes. I do get to put some away for the "Someday there will be a new house" fund. Also, LEGO is bought. And books. BOTH physical and digital!

-- Steve Jackson

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