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August 1, 2021: Now Available On Demand: GURPS Goblins

GURPS Goblins (Color Interior)

You want something different? Helloooo? Oh, right; you cannot reciprocate via this one-way communication medium. Misunderstanding and other indignities such as these are part and parcel of the GURPS Goblins experience, which puts you into a Georgian London that is realistic in every way except for the fact that you, your families, and those you interact with are goblins . . . although the fact that your humble author has no direct experience with London of the year 1830 cannot immediately disprove this seeming anachronism, either. Anyway, the aforementioned humorous GURPS Goblins is now available in print, as part of our On Demand program.

"But wait!" we hear the rhetorical reader of these words. "We were promised something different in the previous paragraph! What chicanery is this?" First, we commend you on the use of chicanery; it's a splendid word, one which doesn't see nearly enough use in these days decidedly lacking in splendor. But to answer the rhetorical: While all other on-demand volumes have been available solely in black and white, GURPS Goblins is available in two versions: one of which is similarly black and white, the other of which adds color to the proceedings. The original version – available as a PDF – was a 144-page volume, of which 90 were color. If you want a version that re-creates the original experience, select the color one. Otherwise, if you want to save your shillings for other goblin-y goodness, we might suggest the black-and-white version.

If you are fully in the downtrodden-goblin mindset, it may be beyond your lot in life to demand anything. However – should you conjure the gumption to do so – you may demand either version of GURPS Goblins, as you like it . . . on demand!

-- Steven Marsh

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