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August 9, 2021: GURPS 2021 PDF Challenge Pre-Orders Close Today

Today is your last chance to take advantage of the GURPS 2021 PDF Challenge pre-orders. This pre-order campaign follows the successful Kickstarter project that we ran last month, and those of you who missed your chance at a dozen new GURPS PDFs won't want to be late to the party. You may either pre-order the bundle of all twelve PDFs or, if you wish, order individual titles. 

We've already started delivering the PDFs to Kickstarter backers who completed their BackerKit surveys early, and everything is on track to deliver over the next month or two.

If you missed the 2020 GURPS PDF Challenge, those dozen PDFs are also available in the pre-order campaign. Now's your chance to snag several PDFs at once, many of which won't be released on Warehouse 23 for quite some time.

Visit the pre-order page now, before it closes!

-- Phil Reed

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