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August 6, 2009: The Heavens Have Aligned

The Stars Are Right

Nope, just not as catchy a title as "The Stars Are Right." That's good, 'cause otherwise the boxes that arrived in our warehouse yesterday wouldn't be nearly as useful.

Our translation of Pegasus Spiele's Die Sterne Stehen Richtig has survived the trans-Pacific crossing (although tales tell of six officers who will never be able to sleep in the dark again), and made its way to our warehouse. The decontamination process apparently went smoothly, but we're well equipped with fifth-dimensional entity removal experts.

No matter the trials the game has gone through, it should be on store shelves in early September. If you're at GenCon next week, we'll be playing it 'round the clock . . . well, actually just during exhibit hall hours, but I'm sure someone would be crazy enough to help you out with a midnight game.

Just don't expose it to moonlight. Not yet, anyway.

-- Paul Chapman

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