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August 25, 2009: Well, I Would Buy 500 Times . . .

A couple of weeks ago, e23 (our digital publishing project) passed a milestone that we think is pretty neat. All of the items in the Top 20 "What's Hot" list have sold at least 500 copies each. This comes about six months after each item there had surpassed 400 sales, which is about eight months since each item had sold 300 copies. In other words, our bestsellers keep selling, and the rate at which they're selling is increasing! Awesome!

In addition, just a few days ago we welcomed the fourth item to have crossed the magical "1,000-seller" barrier: none other than Sean Punch's excellent GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 1: Adventurers. This series has made a lot of fans very happy, and we're obviously thrilled by it, too -- especially since this volume is the youngest item among the Top Five sellers!

So to all of our e23 customers out there, thank you for your continued support. We honestly couldn't do it without you. And if you haven't tried e23 before, why not check out a few of the freebies on our samples page?

-- Steven Marsh

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