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August 12, 2009: Off to Gen Con

Today's the day the Austin crew flies off to Indianapolis for "the best four days in gaming" aka Gen Con. Our flight leaves quite early -- not a problem for Phil, but I expect to require some extra caffeine. Oh, and the Salt Lick stand in the airport won't be open yet, so I'll be leaving Austin without BBQ in my stomach for the first time in years.

Once we get to the show, our first task will be setting up our booth. Yes, Adventure Retail will still be handling all the money-taking and Exact Change Dances, but we've got 400 square feet of demo space. Andrew will be running a nifty mini-dungeon from Munchkin Quest, and Phil will be overseeing an all-day, all-weekend Frag Gold Edition match. Will and Randy will be showing off Revolution! and The Stars Are Right. (Me? I'll be covering for whichever lunatic is currently in the Munchkin mascot suit. And running for drinks.)

We haven't tried an in-hall demo prescence since the Orbital Mind Control Satellites were Weather Control Balloons, so this is kinda exciting for us. If you're in the hall, stop by booth #1321 and say hi!

If you're not in the exhibit hall and still want to play some games, our loyal MIBs are rocking a wide variety of demos, tournaments, and general dice rolling/card playing activity. Check out the big list here.

-- Paul Chapman

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