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August 6, 2021: New PDFs On DriveThruRPG

We've added a couple of new PDFs to our DriveThruRPG catalog – ready to add to your own library! GURPS Grimoire is a classic supplement featuring more magic than you can shake a staff at. It's the perfect companion for any mage, sorcerer, or wizard, featuring over 400 spells and the ability to manipulate time and space for those desperate enough. 


Dungeon Fantasy Career Guide 2020 is the most up-to-date edition of our guide for fledgling adventurers in the Dungeon Fantasy RPG. It collects every profession from all supplements and Pyramid issues and puts them in one place, making this a must-have sidekick for adventurers wanting to simplify their search for the perfect character. 

You can find all of these on DriveThruRPG today! Take your next campaign to the next level. 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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