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August 12, 2021: New Munchkin Booklets On Kickstarter Next Week!


Munchkins have been doing their level best (get it?) to kick open doors, kill monsters, and grab treasure for more than two decades, and in that time we've created a lot of Munchkin promo cards and bookmarks that add unexpected twists to the game. Now, in two different booklets, we've gathered some of our favorite Munchkin promo cards and bookmarks from over the years so that everyone has a chance to use them.

Coming to Kickstarter next week, this new campaign gives you a chance to incorporate 40 different promo cards and 16 different bookmarks in your Munchkin games. These two booklets include all of the rules necessary to add these items to your game, giving many of you the opportunity to play with cards and bookmarks that you may have missed out on collecting. 

Please note that this is not a promo card and bookmark reprint project. These are two saddle-stitched, full-color booklets, each making it easier than ever to use several different promo cards and bookmarks during play . . . and without damaging(!) those hard-to-get collectibles that you may already have in your possession. 

Please follow the new campaign today to receive email notification when the project launches on Kickstarter next week!

-- Phil Reed


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