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August 19, 2021: A Giant Munchkin Level Die

When we launched the new Munchkin campaign on Kickstarter earlier this week, we never imagined that the giant d10 would be so popular. The two promo booklets (one for promo cards and one for bookmarks) are being printed in the United States, allowing us to receive the booklets quickly, and we thought the die might make a fun companion to the project. Clearly, we underestimated the demand for a one-pound level die.

If you have not yet joined the campaign, we recommend you act now if you want that red d10. Our supply of giant Munchkin level dice is fast approaching zero, meaning that there's a strong likelihood the die will not be an option when the 48-hour notices go out next week.

And yes, we're exploring various possibilities and we may come back next year with the die in other colors. News to come!

Click here to join the campaign today!

-- Phil Reed

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