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July 28, 2019: Illuminati d6 Dice Set In Stores Next Month!


Our new pack of six custom 19mm eye-in-the-pyramid six-sided dice is shipping to distributors. This pack of two silver, two red, and two silver-acrylic dice is perfect for any game that uses a d6 . . . or a small handful of six-sided dice!

The pearlized dice colors are stunning and make me wish we had a better studio setup at the office to snap nicer photos. (Looks like our office crew has a project to tackle, especially as we have more dice on our schedule for late 2019 and early 2020.) Keep an eye on our new releases page for all the new dice announcements, and visit dice.sjgames.com to see our complete catalog of dice, dice games, and dice accessories.

-- Phil Reed

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