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December 2, 2009: Holiday Schedule

The year is nigh gone, and the last month is always the busiest. With that in mind, here's our schedule for this holiday season.

  • Game Day. On the 11th, we'll be breaking out the dice and cards for some more games. Thanks to guests from the Great White North and the Land of Peaches, this Game Day will be extra special. This is NOT a good day to phone us, or to expect quick answers to e-mail, because we'll be playing games.
  • Last Day of Shipping. December 18th will be our last shipping day; if you want something from Warehouse 23, order it before then! (e23 will, of course, continue to process orders with the cool steel determination of a machine.)
  • Christmas Break. We're leaving the office on December 18 (technically we'll be open normal business hours that day, but don't bet on too many folks being around), and we won't be back until Monday, January 4. As usual, there will be some holdouts who can't stand to be away that long, but they'll be busy with specific tasks; they won't be answering the phones or emails.

Don't worry, we'll alert you again when these very important dates happen. Like we'd be able to contain our glee over staying home and playing games . . .

-- Paul Chapman

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