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December 4, 2009: Video Evidence

We went to BoardGameGeekCon 2009, and now we have the video to prove it. You can see the evidence for yourself on YouTube.

Jimmie and I caught games of Revolution!, The Stars Are Right, Munchkin Quest, and Nanuk in action, as well as chatter from attending staff. We were, as convention tradition requires, having too much fun with too little sleep, so prepare yourself for a bit of goofiness.

You may note that we mention Geek Chic quite a bit. I'll admit, the entire crew is quite infatuated with the idea of replacing the current conference room table with something that acts as a normal table, but conceals game boards or miniatures terrain for more entertaining use after hours.

And no one's sick of games yet, so we're bringing a little of the BGG experience home to the office, next Friday December 11 (aka our next Games Day). Answering phones and email will not be our top priority, so please schedule all emergencies accordingly

-- Paul Chapman

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