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December 22, 2009: Munchkin Level Counter App Updated

Here's a Christmas present for all you Munchkin fans. Well, no, actually, it's only for those who bought the iPhone Level Counter app. We just updated it to include a virtual Kill-O-Meter (based on the REAL one that we just shipped and has sold so fast that we're about to run out*). Our testers really liked this new feature. It has one counter for the munchkins and one for the monsters, and it CLICKS! (Insert clicking noise here in your mind, since we don't have sound here on the Daily Illuminator. Yet.)

If you already own the app, the update is free. Download it, use it in your holiday Munchkin games, and with any luck, the Boon which the level counter grants you will help you win and make your friends horribly jealous. Which is the true meaning of Christmas if you're a munchkin . . . Well, that, and the PRESENTS. Which is where we came in!

If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch but don't yet have the app, it's still only $4.99. Buy it, use it, kill monsters, take their stuff. You know you love it. So do we. And we like you guys, too. Have a great holiday!

-- Steve Jackson

* Oh, how terrible!


And while we're on the subject of digital projects, don't miss this animated holiday greeting from our favorite new zombie, the Zombie Dice mascot. After Justin finished the Zombie Dice Flash Demo last week Steve had no choice but to make things just a little harder for our Justin (animation) and Will (sounds). It was worth it, though, because now we can properly wish you a . . . braaaaiiiinns!

-- Phil Reed

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