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December 12, 2016: Super Munchkin Guest Artist Edition: The Ultimate Alter-Ego

Many heroes have an alter-ego; an identity they keep to walk among the people. Fortunately, Super Munchkin is so super that it's alter-ego is heroic as well!

Recently released, Super Munchkin Guest Artist Edition features a unique style from Art Baltazar, the mind behind his own super-heroics like Aw Yeah Comics and DC Comics' Tiny Titans. It's whimsical, and perfect for the heroics in Super Munchkin! It's also a perfect compliment to the original art from John Kovalic. The jokes are similar, but the different styles give each card a unique feeling, and we wanted to highlight some of these awesome illustrations. 

Everyone knows John's style, and it's beloved for a reason. You can instantly look at one of his cards, like The Cowl, and know it's his, even if it's not Spyke or Flower. On the other hand, Art has a ton of experience with animal heroes, like his own Action Cat (who also makes an appearance in the set). Each version is great in its own way, but distinctive, which can be tough when you have to draw an owl in a cow suit. 

Cowl Cowl

The Punster is another great example of these artists' different strokes. John's is a bulky, obviously perturbing funnyman, while Art's is a stand-up comic! Neither of them drew Andrew Hackard, our Munchkin Czar, so they missed the boat on the best puns in the world, but they both took a unique take on the character. I especially like Art's "Pun" tie. Now I need to find one for Andrew's secret Santa gift . . . 


The last card today is what I'd consider the prime example of Munchkin art defining a joke. John took Bat Mobile and made it literal, while Art also took a literal approach, just a completely different one. I love this card in both sets, and can't even choose a favorite. I actually laughed out loud when I opened both boxes to do this comparison, so I had to make it part of the list. Just goes to show we are fortunate to be able to work with such amazingly talented (and funny!) artists on a regular basis!

Bat MobileBat Mobile

You don't have to leap tall buildings in a single bound to get Super Munchkin Guest Artist Edition; just go to Target.com! And keep an eye out for our other Target exclusive, Munchkin Legends Guest Artist Edition! I mean, legends were the first super-heroes, right? 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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