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December 29, 2016: GURPS: Mars Attacks Invades Your Store!

GURPS Mars Attacks

Where were you when the Martians attacked? Did you fight back? Maybe you were one of them, the invaders!

With GURPS Mars Attacks, you decide! Play as a conqueror from the Martian empire, looking to assimilate Earth into their dominion, or as a defender of humanity fighting against the aliens. Join one of the Earth factions, like Novas Vira, Tiger Corps, and the United Earth Alliance, or be a hapless civilian just trying to stay alive. Saucer pilots, soldiers, scientists, officers – all at your disposal in the pages of GURPS Mars Attacks!

And, of course, don't forget about the technology! Learn about weapons, gadget, vehicles, and more, for humanity and the Martians, as well as rules for creating your own. For even more invader tech, you can also check out GURPS Ultra-Tech, now available via print-on-demand through Amazon CreateSpace.

Find GURPS Mars Attacks at your friendly local probably-human game store. I mean, Martians aren't real, right? 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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