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February 16, 2006: OwlCon Report / Back In Austin

I had a fantastic time at OwlCon. There were more than 600 attendees, lots of MIBS, lots of events . . . I spent most of the day playtesting various new submissions, including one that had made it into the office only a couple of days before. (It . . . ahhh . . . Well, you won't be seeing it. But it looked interesting and was worth trying.) Some of the others fared better, including a still-unnamed dice game I've been fooling with but had never actually gotten to play myself - because I missed the office session where we tried it out.

Lessons learned:

  • Alan Moon's Ticket to Ride is as much fun as everyone has been telling me.
  • When Sprite tells me to look in my suitcase, I should just shut up and look in my suitcase.
  • The Stikfas "Phantom" makes a great Z'Mendrik for Dork Tower. Now I want one for myself.
-- Steve Jackson

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