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February 19, 2006: GURPS Magic Spell Charts Now New And Improved!

Even though Michelle Barrett, one-time Mistress of Mail Order and Ruler of Retail over at Warehouse 23, is no longer here, she still keeps an eye out on one of her last projects for us, the GURPS Magic Spell Charts. This handy set of charts lists all the Fourth Edition spells by college, showing their relationships, prerequisites, common roots, etc. It's very handy, and we've been giving it away (like, for free) over on e23.

To make a good thing better, Michelle just sent us a new version of the Spell Charts. It fixes all the known errata to date, of course, but on top of that, she did it in a vector graphics program that cuts the PDF file size to less than 10% of the size of the old file!

And, of course, it's still free. Pick it up with a simple click (or two . . .). Consider it a preview for the PDF of the Fourth Edition version of GURPS Magic, which will hit e23 in another week or so. Enjoy!

-- Scott Haring

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