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January 2, 2016: Pew! Pew! Pew!

Fantasy Flight Games' X-Wing Miniatures Game is the best starship combat game of the decade. The game started strong, and now after a few years of miniature releases I can say that it's far deeper and more fun than I had expected when the game was first announced. The pre-painted plastic minis are incredible, and the fact that they've released such oddities as the TIE Defender and IG-2000 just shows how far they're willing to go with the game.

I've now introduced the game to my wife -- who happens to love TIE Fighters even more than I do -- and we're both enjoying the quality of the minis and how easy it is to maneuver and attack in the game. I enjoyed the game the first time I played it back in 2012, but revisiting the game over the last month and seeing all of the amazing starship miniatures makes me appreciate the X-Wing Miniatures Game more now than I ever have before.

If you need me, I'll be busy again trying to defeat my wife and her TIE Punisher. That thing is nasty!

-- Phil Reed

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