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January 23, 2016: Get Together With Friends, GURPS, And Pyramid!

Pyramid #3/86: Organizations

It's dangerous to adventure alone; you need lots of help! And it's especially useful to have as many friends as you can muster. To that end, we proudly present Pyramid #3/86: Organizations, focused on insight and goodies of interest to groups everywhere.

This issue features a mini-supplement devoted to creating headquarters for your assorted agencies, using a system that's similar to GURPS Boardroom and Curia. Sort out your place's size, capabilities, features, and more . . . or use the included lair -- the Lofty Heights -- as inspiration for your own locations!

In addition, we have designer's notes for Boardroom and Curia and GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 17: Guilds from the author of those supplements, Matt Riggsby, with a bonus sample group -- the Faerie Court -- presented in both formats. Or you can tap the resources of a monster-investigative group thanks to David L. Pulver; learn about the Knights Templar of fact, fiction, and conspiracy with Graeme Davis; and delve into the intersection of education and organizations with GURPS Social Engineering: Back to School author William H. Stoddard. That doesn't even mention the bits we couldn't fit elsewhere, or the sneak peak at the under-construction world of Car Wars with new artwork by Brandon Moore, the mastermind behind this issue's amazing cover!

With Boardroom and Curia, it's never been easier to stat out GURPS groups of all sizes and abilities . . . and with Pyramid #3/86: Organizations, you'll see Boardroom and Curia in full action! Pick it up today!

-- Steven Marsh

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