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January 3, 2016: PHD Asks: "Who Created The Mess In The House?"

Our upcoming Simon's Cat card game has already generated quite a bit of buzz. When we first shared the game with retailers back in November, it was the hit of the party, and now one of our distributor partners -- Peachstate Hobby Distribution -- has posted an overview of the game. Ian played the game with both co-workers at the PHD offices and his family, and it is his family's reaction to the game that has us most excited. In the PHD post Ian writes:

"To test how easy the game would be to understand, outside of all us gamer nerds at the office, I took the game home and played with my family. Two daughters, 18 and 7, my wife (age undisclosed as I like being married) and myself (teaching). Though my 7-year old didn't grasp the card counting strategy she was perfectly able to grasp how to play and we ran through multiple games with everyone really enjoying it."

Perfect! That's the exact response we were hoping for when we worked out the final bits of balance. Thanks, Ian, for your infectious enthusiasm for the game and for spreading word about the Simon's Cat card game. We appreciate the encouragement and can't wait to sit down and play against you later this year.

-- Phil Reed

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