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January 4, 2016: What You Missed - Munchkin Guest Artist Edition Announcements

Happy 2016 everyone! Our office doors open back up today and Warehouse 23 is shipping orders soon. "What's in store for 2016, the 15th Anniversary of Munchkin?" you may ask.

Well, let's look back at some hints we posted toward the end of last year.


Door Card Sketch Munchkin -- Edwin Huang

Edwin Huang is the illustrator of UDON Entertainment's Super Street Fighter and Archie Comics' Mega Man. Not new to Munchkin, Edwin's work is in Munchkin Skullkickers.

- The Reveal -- See sneak peeks of Edwin's early sketches for the set.

- The Announcement


Girl SproutMunchkin Zombies -- Greg Hyland

Greg is known for the classic superhero parody comic, Lethargic Lad and the AFOLs comic, featuring an adult Lego fan. You can also find Greg's work in Munchkin Fu!

- John Kovalic Introduces Greg Hyland -- See sneak peeks of Greg's early sketches for the set.

- The Announcement


Baltazar Punster Super Munchkin -- Art Baltazar

Among Art's many credits are Tiny Titans and Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam! for DC, as well as his own books The Big Amoeba and Patrick the Wolf Boy

- The Reveal -- More on working with Art.

- The Announcement




Cook Curse! Backpack Eaten CardMunchkin Cthulhu -- Katie Cook

Katie Cook is illustrated Munchkin Love Shark Baby, Munchkin Kittens, and the upcoming Munchkin Puppies.

- The Reveal -- More on working with Katie.

- The Announcement


Start celebrating the new year with one of our limited Guest Artist T-Shirts! Oh, and the previous recap is here.

-- Rhea Friesen

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