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June 4, 2015: Plug For GURPS On Late-Night TV

OK, so I'm catching up on some reading a couple of Friday nights back, and I have on in the background Late Night With Seth Meyers, the NBC after-Fallon talk show. First guest is Thomas Middleditch, an actor who's in that HBO series Silicon Valley about geeky entrepreneurs trying to strike it rich or somesuch. Anyhoo, Seth Meyers gets him to start talking about some of his geekier pastimes, and the discussion turns to roleplaying. Not just any roleplaying, mind you, but his absolute favorite roleplaying game of them all.

Which turns out to be GURPS. No lie. Calls it "exquisite." Then, the segment devolves into an embarrassing episode of "let me tell you about my campaign," starring the HBO actor describing the adventure he is currently running for his friends, and Seth Meyers doing anything he possibly can to get the segment to mercifully end.

But hey, any publicity is good publicity, right? Hit the link and see for yourself.

-- Scott Haring

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