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June 26, 2015: BREAKING: "Nerd Girl" Joins Steve Jackson Games

Anna, the new Marketing Assistant

In a totally unexpected move, Steve Jackson Games has hired a Nerd Girl for their new Assistant to the Marketing Director position. But not just a nerd girl! Reportedly, she's a writer, singer, actor, and hopeless geek sprinkled with a touch of whimsy. And snark. Word has it she started AD&D in middle school, making very detailed world maps on graph paper, then graduated to original World of Darkness in college. Now Fate is her system of choice.

Judging from the fact she's often seen off-site with a book in her hand, we're gathering she's an avid reader; favorite authors include Tolkien, Austen, and Fitzgerald. "If I lived on a desert island, I'd starve to death because I'd only pack books," says Meade. She's also an old-school video game nerd, especially NES and SNES. FFIII (VI) and Secret of Mana were her RPG jams. Ooh, and Battletoads. It's rumored that on one long car trip to Colorado, she beat her youngest brother 119 times at Tetris.

Notably, she's worked with Onyx Path Publishing on the new V20 Vampire books and is collaborating on a super secret new book for Evil Hat Productions. She runs a literary blog called Yearning for Wonderland which covers all manner of geek and whimsical matters. She's been performing onstage since she was eight; her favorite roles are Kitty in "The Drowsy Chaperone" and Amanda in Noel Coward's "Private Lives". She's also directed a production of Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" and written original adaptations of "The Gift of the Magi", "The Snow Queen" (which she also directed), as well as producing two original full-length plays she wrote: "Feet of Clay" and "O, for a Muse of Fire".

Within the marketing department, it's expected she will wreak havoc in an awesome and totally professional way.

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-- Anna Meade

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