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June 17, 2015: Steve At Brickworld, Playing Munchkin For Charity

THIS WEEKEND! In Schaumberg, IL!

While I am primarily attending the awesomeness that is Brickworld to learn about Lego and to hold Seekrit Meetings ////////////////////// consult with Guy Himber (Munchkin Bricks, www.crazybricks.com) . . . I will be doing a signing at some point. Come by and say hi! I will deface your games for you. Or your shirt. Or your dice. Or your anatomy, depending on factors not to be discussed here and now.

Look for the banner.

Or look for me at the PennLUG / TBRR table, or at the Great Ball Contraption. Or at the charity auction. Or the mixers :)

Or at the big Munchkin game that Guy and I will do for charity, using the amazing board that he built.

-- Steve Jackson

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