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June 21, 2015: Crowdfunding Focus: "For The Love Of Spock"

Crowdfunding Focus

Shortly before his death earlier this year, Leonard Nimoy had begun working with his son, Adam (a screenwriter and director himself) on a documentary about the elder Nimoy's most famous character: Spock, whose history in Star Trek dates back to the very first pilot, before Kirk, McCoy, Uhura, and the rest of the familiar crew had been written.

Adam Nimoy has decided to complete the film as a tribute to his late father and has started a Kickstarter campaign (ending July 1) to allow fans of Star Trek, and specifically of Leonard Nimoy, to be a part of this documentary. Leonard Nimoy's somewhat ambivalent relationship to the character of Spock over the years has been well documented, and I expect this film to shed a lot of light on the evolution of his feelings about the character and how it shaped his entire life.

I had the privilege of hearing Leonard Nimoy speak a few times and I expect this project to be just as powerful and meaningful for the people who view it as those talks were to me.

-- Andrew Hackard

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