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March 13, 2012: ScreenBurn Arcade Was Intense . . . But Fun!

Steve Jackson Games at ScreenBurn SXSWThis past weekend we attended the ScreenBurn Arcade, a SXSW gaming event that was open to the public. I want to thank Alex, James, Lenny, Bridget, Jimmie, Ben, and MIB Michael Cox for all of their help running the booth, and a special cry of thanks to Liegh for taking my random noises and handwaving and turning it all into a booth design that worked perfectly and made it easy for us to teach games to everyone who stopped by and asked, "What's Munchkin The Guild?" (Which was often followed by several rounds of Zombie Dice and Cthulhu Dice, both of which did very well for us in terms of sales at the show.)

On the "cool stuff not by us" front I spent quite a bit of time chatting with the staff exhibiting Lollipop Chainsaw (a cheerleaders vs zombies console game; I posted pics of their booth over at battlegrip.com), looked at GameSalad, and played several arcade games. I never had a chance to attend any of the panels, but from the noises coming from the center of the exhibit hall it sounded to me like everyone watching the stage was having a great time.

Thank you to the ScreenBurn Arcade staff and to everyone who stopped at our booth. I am hoping that we can find a way to attend again next year.

-- Phil Reed

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