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March 31, 2012: Munchkin Zombies Gone, More On The Way

It has been a year since we first published Munchkin Zombies, and it's a hit! Last month we actually sold more Munchkin Zombies than classic Munchkin! That's the good news. The bad news is we're once again out of stock at our main warehouse. The third printing (!!!) is already at press, but we don't expect it until July . . . so if you're hungering for brains, I suggest heading to your Friendly Local Game Store now to grab your copy of Munchkin Zombies, or you may go hungry until summer.

Retailers, just because our warehouse in Georgia is out doesn't mean that the distributors are out . . . yet. Contact your distributor today if you need to restock (and see our distributor locator if you need more distributor choices).

Thanks, y'all, for keeping the game so hot and for devouring so many tasty, tasty brains. 

-- Phil Reed

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