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March 25, 2012: Now Shipping! Marvelous March Sequels!

Two long-awaited sequels debut this month! The first expansion to Zombie Dice is called Zombie Dice 2 -- Double Feature and offers three new ways to play! Fan of Munchkin? The Good, The Bad, and The Munchkin 2 - Beating a Dead Horse is moseying along to a FLGS nearest you.

Zombie Dice 2 – Double Feature

It's a blockbuster!

If you love zombies, you love zombie movies . . . and Zombie Dice! So here it is: Zombie Dice 2 -- Double Feature!

Three new dice give you three new ways to play. For the Big Summer Action Movie, you've got the two Heroes: the Hunk and the Hottie. He's got a double-shotgun icon, but if you eat his brain, you score double. The Hottie has two shotguns and three feet icons, making her fast AND dangerous.

For Santa Claus Meets the Zombies, you guessed it: Santa Claus is coming to town! He has three special gift icons -- a helmet, an energy drink, and a double brain! Or, of course, you could eat Santa's brain. It's a very merry undead Christmas!

Finally, in The Direct-to-Video Sequel: Use all three new dice and watch Santa rescue the Heroes!

Three new ways to eat brains, and they're all in Zombie Dice 2 -- Double Feature.

Three dice and rules. Stock #131324, UPC 837654321478. $7.95.

The Good, the Bad, and the Munchkin 2 – Beating a Dead Horse

A Horse Is A Horse . . .

A corpse, of course! The rowdiest crowd of munchkins ever to wreck a saloon is back for more in The Good, the Bad, and the Munchkin 2 -- Beating a Dead Horse! Fight new varmints like the Cattywampus or the Eyes of Texas! Ride new steeds like Ol' Plug and the One-Trick Pony! And if all else fails, call in the new Class . . . the Cavalry!

This is an expansion for The Good, the Bad, and the Munchkin. It is not a stand-alone game.

56 cards in a tuckbox. Stock #1486, UPC 837654321454. $10.95.

-- Monica Valentinelli

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