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March 21, 2012: The Long -- And Possibly Covered In Caltrops -- Road

Half Horse, Will Travel Munchkin 8 – Half Horse, Will Travel is now in stock at Warehouse 23. As Customer Service, my normal interaction with a product is making sure I know enough about it to answer basic questions, and then know enough to ask others for more details. But for the production period of Munchkin 8 I was the Munchkin Hireling, right-hand (or left-hand, as it happens) gal to Andrew Hackard, Munchkin Czar. I saw the art come in from John, and facilitated the art approval process. I made playtest decks, and then both played and ran playtest sessions. (And then transcribed playtester notes for Andrew and Steve to pore over.) I watched the cards develop, change, and evolve into what they are today, until the day that the entire product went off to print. It's a fascinating process to watch something go from an idea kicked around the office to a physical item on the shelf.

Munchkin 8 was a great game to watch grow. It finally gave Andrew a much-needed outlet for his terrible, terrible (and terribly funny) puns. And I think John had fun drawing all those Lizard Guys and Centaurs (and Centaur-Lizard Guys). As a Munchkin player who finally got to be on the other side of the process, I can say I really enjoy Munchkin 8. It has fun loot, funner jokes, and funner-er (more funner?) art. Even though my own involvement with Munchkin 8 was more administrative than developmental, I'm proud of it, and I think Munchkin fans will like it.

So look out for Munchkin 8 – Half Horse, Will Travel in your FLGS, or pick it up from Warehouse 23!

-- Angie Kreuser

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