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May 10, 2009: Deluxe Illuminati Status Report

Deluxe Illuminati Cover

Deluxe Illuminati has been the dreaded "OOP" (Out Of Print) for a couple months now. But fear not! A reprint has been ordered from the printer.

Or so we thought. Turns out there were a few color issues. This sort of thing happens as layout software evolves, printers upgrade their hardware, and ink pigments shift. It's annoying -- and time consuming! -- but all part of a day's work for Phil and Alex, the Wonder Team of Productionopia.

You know, "Productionopia." The mystical land where layout happens, where rainbows have dozens of pantone shades, and . . . and maybe I've stretched this too far.

Back on topic: Deluxe Illuminati should be returning to our shelves in July. Don't worry; if you forget, we'll remind you.

-- Paul Chapman

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