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May 26, 2009: Urbane Fantasy

Yup, that's us. Classy. None of that fantasy with all those mucky dungeons or explodey monsters. No, sir, it's all high-society with us. I'm sorry? "Urban?" Oh.

Hm. Well, anyway, we've got issue number (lucky) seven of Pyramid up for your purchasing pleasure. It's Pyramid #3/7: Urban Fantasy, a collection of PDF'd pages about fantasy functioning in a decidedly more cosmopolitan setting. You know, stuff like how different gangs might use magic. Or how the Egyptian pantheon might be strolling around without our knowledge.

And if that's not enough to get you interested in purchasing this fine magazine, then . . . um . . . did I mention that the PDF is enchanted? Yup. It, uh, acts as an astral . . . repellant for, um . . . demon owls. Enjoy!

-- Fox Barrett

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