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May 18, 2009: Four, On The Floor

Or at your computer. Or at the dinner table. Or on a plane. Whatever. It's a portable document file, take it wherever you want.

Like spaceships? We do too. So we held a gun to David Pulver's head and demanded more books about them! This resulted in GURPS Spaceships 4: Fighters, Carriers, and Mecha (. . . and a 4-hour-long police standoff). This time around, Pulver's techno-muse brings us the essense of what made those last 15 minutes of A New Hope so cool. It also includes some of what makes Galactica so darn cool. If that's not enough, he snuck in some Macross, too! Not bad for just 42 pages.

The optional rules for cinematic combat will help keep your dogfights as fast and furious as the silver screen has told you it should be. You know, more "zoom-zap-kerblooie" and less "coefficient of the what now?"

-- Fox Barrett

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