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May 17, 2009: Strangest GURPS Books

Over the years, we've published quite a few GURPS titles -- well over 300. Some had broad appeal; some were firmly "niche." Blogger siskoid had created a Top Ten list of what he considers the "strangest" supplements we've ever released.

Reading over his list, I really can't disagree with any of his choices, except GURPS Vehicles. That's extremely crunchy, but not really strange (in my opinion, of course). Now, Cabal . . . that's strange. It's like Cal MacDonald put on a suit and got elected Secret Mayor of the World. Or Cthulhupunk! Let's take a fairly realistic cyberpunk world, and infest it with Mythos horror -- that's pratically the definition of strange.

What books would make it onto your Ten Strangest list? For that matter, what's your favorite "Ten X-iest GURPS books" list? Hop over to our forums and share!

-- Paul Chapman

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