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May 11, 2009: Dungeons Sold Separately

It's been a while coming, but we have finally woken GURPS Dragons from its thousand-year slumber and pushed it out onto the e23 stage. It wasn't easy. Fires were started, interns were lost, Fright Checks were made. But, as you can see, we triumphed over the beast in the end. So don't say we never did nothin' for ya! (...Unless it would require that you mention those interns. We'd really appreciate it if you kept that on the QT.)

So what gems await in this book-shaped hoard? Dragons, mostly. We love our truth in advertising, we do. More specifically, there's guidelines for working those fabulously freaky lizardfolk into just about whatever setting you want. That's where the "generic" and "universal" comes in. Traditional fantasy dragons, slightly-less traditional eastern dragons, decidedly untraditional space dragons - wherever you are, we've got a dragon for it.

And that's not just in the fluff. No, siree. It was originally released right at the end of Third Edition, so this book caters to both kinds of gamers: players of GURPS Third Edition and players of GURPS Fourth Edition. So no matter what kind of GURPS you play, this book is "universal" enough to support it! Wow! Amazing! Exclamation points!

-- Fox Barrett

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